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Link building has changed over the years, and it’s continuing to evolve as search engines adopt new technologies like machine learning.

    • What worked last year may not work today.
    • What worked today may not work tomorrow.
    • What worked for a particular industry might not work for a different one.
    • And not even what works for a particular website is guaranteed to work for a different one.

3 Qualities of a Top Link Building Company


Stay on Top of Link Building Trends

With the link building landscape changing constantly, there’s more to it than just dropping a few links and waiting for results. Getting results with link building takes careful analysis and a methodical approach.


Develop a Tailored Strategy

Every client is different. Every website is different. Successful link building campaigns are the ones that are tailored for your website by analyzing the market, playing to your strengths, and keeping an eye on the competition to stay one step ahead.


Integrate Link Building with Business Strategy

The siloed link building approach doesn’t work. Not anymore. Perfectly executed link building campaigns align content, marketing, product development, and user experience.

We're a Full-Service Link Building Agency

Blogger Outreach Services

Monthly outreach program that delivers high-quality backlinks.

Guest Post Services

One-time high-quality backlinks from authority guest posts.

Agency White Label Services

Outsource your clients’ link building projects.

Managed SEO Services

End-to-end managed SEO services.

LinkDoctor’s Line in the Sand

Link building is as much about what we WON’T do as what we WILL. Here’s a look at our values.

Natural Editorial Links

Old-school, natural link building methods that search engines love.

High Quality Links

No low quality, spammy backlinks that provide little to no value.

Topically Related Links

Related niche links that help increase the topical authority of your domain.

No Made-for-Guest-Post Sites

Every link we help you earn is from real sites run by real people that add real value.

No PBN Links

Private Blog Network (PBN) links are dishonest and have no place with us.

No Hyped DA/aDR Sites

No links from sites that have increased their metrics through illegitimate means.

Why work with LinkDoctor?

Direct Access to Founders

With us there are no corporate bureaucracies, red tape or customer support horror stories. You already deal with enough faceless companies, so at LinkDoctor our clients can talk directly to our founders Sam and Dani.

Quality Human-Centric Approach

In a way, we’re old school. We put quality first, nurture relationships, and turn them into links. This means: No PBN. No made-for-guest-post sites. No hyped DA / aDR sites.

Replacement Guarantee

We’ll replace every link you’re not 100% satisfied with. We’ll also monitor your links to ensure they’re not removed. If they are, we will replace them too. No one else in the industry offers these bold guarantees.


Campaigns Run


Opportunities Identified


Relationships Nurtured

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Frequently Asked Questions

What link building methods work in 2021?
There are a number of methods that are proven to have positive impact on search rankings. Specific methods and their effects depend on your niche and competitiveness. If you know how many links you need, take a look at our Blogger Outreach Services. If you want to start small, check out our Guest Post Services.
How long does it take to rank my website?
It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on the type of keywords, the competition, and your budget.
How will you report progress?
We have a client dashboard where you can log in and view your order status in real-time. You can also use this portal to send a message to our friendly team at any time.
I don't know where to start. Can you help?
Of course! We understand that link building can be quite complicated. We offer a free consultation where our leaders walk you through different options and formulate a link building strategy for you. Feel free to schedule time with us—we're excited to learn about your goals and see how we can help you!

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